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Introduction to colwiz Drive

Last Updated: Oct 19, 2014 05:39PM BST

Drive is an online place where you can store, retrieve and share files. For researchers on colwiz, this serves to compliment their reference management needs in the event where large chunks of data needs to be stored or shared with their research network.

Ample storage: The colwiz Drive comes with 2GB of free storage which can be freely upgraded to 30GB by successfully inviting your friends. So when your colwiz network expands, so does your cloud storage.

Easy management: When you're working with large data, friendly management and simplicity are as essential as storage size. So we provide you with 3 easily distinguishable categories to separate your work. 

  • My Drive: For personal use. Create your own folder structures to store content that matters to you or create shared folders which you can edit.

  • Shared with me: For things other people have shared. When someone sends a file or folder to you, this is where it will show.

  • Groups: For sharing content with several people. Your research groups' shared Drives can be accessed from here. Depending on your membership status with the group, you can view, download or edit this folder's content.

Collaborative annotation: All PDF and MS Word files in the colwiz Drive are not only readable, but they can be annotated by multiple people simultaneously. Simply share your document your friends and start collaborating. View details of this feature.


Version history: colwiz Drive also keeps track of revisions on your files, so you and your colleagues can post multiple versions of the same file while still maintaining a log of the older files, in case you need to revert back to them in the future.

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