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Citing in Microsoft Word

Last Updated: Nov 17, 2014 10:48AM GMT


First, you must have the Microsoft Word colwiz citation plugin installed. You can check this in the desktop library, by clicking the  menu at the top left of the window, then click Editor Plugins > Configure MS Word.

Under the ‘Microsoft Word (2003/2007/2010)’ section, click the button that says ‘Configure Plugin’. If it starts an uninstall wizard, then the plugin is already installed. On the other hand, if clicking the button starts an installation wizard, the plugin is not installed.


Insert Citation


1. In Microsoft Word, click the "Colwiz" tab (Word 2007/2010), or click on the "colwiz" menu option (Word 2003) at the top of the Word window.

2. Make sure that the colwiz desktop application is running. If not, you can launch it from within Word by clicking on the colwiz icon in the colwiz toolbar (Word 2007/2010), or selecting the “colwiz” item under the colwiz menu option (Word 2003).

3. Place the cursor at a point in your document where you want to place a citation, then click  Insert Citation from the colwiz toolbar.

4. In the resulting window, click the arrow button on references that you want to cite, or click, drag and drop them into the right panel.

5. Once you have selected the publications you need to cite, you may add locator information (eg: page numbers, prefix or suffix, etc.) by clicking on the “Additional Information” icon on the right of each selected publication.

6. When you are finished selecting and modifying the references that you want to cite, click "Insert".

Insert Bibliography

In the ‘Colwiz’ tab in Word, click ‘Insert Bibliography’. The bibliography will be placed at the point of your cursor.

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